yoga in the garden

With Michelle Pugh from Joonbug Yoga!

A portion of your class registration goes towards supporting HCSEG’s environmental efforts. So come find your bliss at the Salmon Center, and strengthen your mind, body, and planet – all in one chaturanga. 

There are no upcoming classes at the moment, but check back soon!

Yoga in the Garden: Session 2

May 31st
7-8:30 pm
The Salmon Center Classroom: 600 NE Roessel RD. / Belfair WA 98528

Breath, Stretch & Connect Yoga in Nature Workshop at the Salmon Center:

Details: Take time for deep breaths, yoga poses and relaxation exercises that support our respiratory health at this outdoor yoga in nature session designed to expand our awareness of the circle of life!

The respiratory system filters 8,000 liters of air to supply oxygen to the blood through the 300 million alveoli in our lungs. Lungs are associated with healthy skin and immune system. Therefore, it is important to care for and strengthen your lungs and respiratory system! Learn specific yoga breathing techniques and explore a series of plants that can protect and repair the human respiratory system (i.e. eucalyptus).

We end the class with essential oils that support the nervous system and enliven our senses. Class is led by Michelle Pugh, owner of Joonbug Yoga. Modifications are offered for all levels of experience. Kids over 10 years of age welcome!

Cost: $15.00 per person

Please note that there are no refunds unless a class is cancelled.