Wildlife Detectives:

Investigating Animal Tracks & Other Signs

Thursday, March 28th

At the Salmon Center

1pm – 4pm

Kids ages 7-11

Who walked across our yard last night? What made those nests in the tree? Who pooped in mom’s flower bed?!

Wildlife leave us all sorts of clues about where they’ve been and what they’ve been up to, and we’re going to learn all about them! From cougar tracks to bear scat, there’s no mystery too large or too small with us on the case. This workshop will include hands-on activities to experience tracks and other evidence up close and personal.

Are you ready to become a true Wildlife Detective? Register today!

Additional Details for Guardians

  • Workshop participation is limited to 20 kids, ages 7-11
  • This session is available for FREE with an optional donation.
  • Outdoor adventures may occur! Please have your child dressed for spending time outdoors, including close-toed shoes and weather appropriate clothing.
  •  Please arrive a few minutes early to drop participating children off so that everyone can get settled in before class starts.
  • To ensure equal engagement for all participants, guardians are not permitted to sit in on workshops. However, we encourage you to explore the Salmon Center grounds and our neighbor
    Theler Wetlands while your children are in class.