Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group

past habitat projects

Habitat restoration projects HCSEG has completed along with our partners, tribes and organizations since 1990.

Anderson creek

A restoration project funded by Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife Landowner Incentive Program (WDFW LIP) took place during the summer of 2007 at the Landowner’s request. This involved the removal of a storage structure and old machinery from…

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Little Quilcene and Quilcene Bay – River Mouth Restoration

The Little Quilcene River flows into Quilcene Bay just north of the town of Quilcene. Nearly one hundred years ago this river was channeled directly into Quilcene Bay and a substantial amount of fill was placed behind the dike disrupting…

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Belfair State Park Estuary Restoration

HCSEG restored approximately 8.1 acres of estuarine wetlands and removed 2,700 feet of rip-rap hardened shoreline at Belfair State Park. Historically, the estuary was created by two creeks that flowed through the park. In the 1950s, a shoreline of rip…

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Lower tahuya river lwd placement

Phase I of this project involved helicopter placement of 72 logs in the Tahuya River at 11 locations in a 1.25 mile stretch. A helicopter was used to place these logs because the riparian area did not provide good access to the river without causing severe damage. 

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Big Quilcene River Acquisition

This acquisition provides the opportunity to revitalize this river and estuarine system by performing an additional restoration project within formally private-owned parcels. The acquisition of 18 parcels in the Big Quilcene River floodplain and estuary is anticipated to be finalized…

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McClanahan Property Acquisition

The acquisition of the McClanahan property, comprising ten acres, on the Little Quilcene River (which includes over 2,000 feet of riverfront) was finalized in August of 2008. This land acquisition is adjacent to property owned by Jefferson …

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Big Quilcene – Quilcene Estuarine Wetlands Restoration – Schinke Property

This project involved reclaiming thirty eight acres of coastal wetlands habitat to proper functioning conditions. These goals were accomplished by permanently relocating livestock and removing 3,000 feet of saltwater levee, which reestablished a tidal channel network and reconnected…

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Sweetwater Creek

Sweetwater Creek, which crosses under a portion of State Route 3 in Belfair, was restored to its historical channel configuration on the west side of the highway. The project included removing two 90 degree bends which were part of previous…

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Dosewallips Estuary Restoration – Wolcott

Concrete raceways at a decommissioned USFWS hatchery facility near the Dosewallips River estuary were removed. This project helped to restore the proper function of the salt marsh habitat by restoring channel meander migration patterns within the estuary. The project area…

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Ward Property Acquisition

The acquisition of the Ward property, which is comprised of eighty six acres along the north side of the Little Quilcene River and estuary, was finalized in September 2008. These private lands contain unaltered estuarine wetlands, gravel beaches and mudflats…

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Duckabush River – Robinson Road Levee Removal

During the summer of 2008 approximately six hundred feet of dike was removed from the Robinson Road levee on the Duckabush River restoring roughly three acres of salt marsh. This project has restored more natural tidal hydrology to one of…

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WDFW Ring Dike Removal

Approximately 2,000 feet of saltwater levee and ring dike, and approximately 7,500 cubic yards of material was removed surrounding an abandoned WDFW duck pond near the mouth of the Quilcene River. This project reestablished a more natural tidal function to…

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