Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group

Current habitat projects

HCSEG conducts habitat restoration projects along the entire Hood Canal watershed. In partnership with other groups, tribes, and organizations, we are able to make significant change to vital steelhead and salmon habitat.

Union River Estuary Restoration

In partnership with Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, Recreation and Conservation Office and United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group/Pacific Northwest Salmon Center is working to restore 31 acres of previously filled estuary…

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Lower Tahuya River LWD Placement

Phase I of this project involved helicopter placement of 72 logs in the Tahuya River at 11 locations in a 1.25 mile stretch. A helicopter was used to place these logs because the riparian area did not provide good access…

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Donovan Creek Restoration

Restoration actions included re-meandering approximately 3,300 feet of the channelized portion of Donovan Creek, adding approximately 15 large woody debris structures and replanting approximately 15 acres of riparian corridor along the newly meandered channel. View a Map of Our Projects…

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Little Quilcene River

Brush Plant Road Reach Restoration – The 1/3 mile reach of the Little Quilcene River between Center Road and Highway 101 had been channelized for agriculture and residential development, resulting in one long riffle that provided neither stable spawning…

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Big Quilcene river: the lower 1 mile

We are taking a holistic, community-up approach when it comes to habitat restoration on the Big Quilcene River. We are still in the planning stages, but we are grateful for the Quilcene community partnerships we have already made. 

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Riparian Enhancement & Knotweed Control

Our organization has been working with local land owners to conduct surveys and treatment within the Hood Canal watershed for the noxious weed known as knotweed (Polygonum spp.). These plants are non-native, aggressive…

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moon valley

The Moon Valley property acquisition is a large and crucial step in restoring the Big Quilcene River. Concerned about the conditions of the river and diminishing salmon returns, the long-time property owners contacted HCSEG so that we could work together to restore this critical salmon habitat.

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Seabeck creek restoration

Seabeck Creek is one of four Hood Canal Intensively Monitored Watersheds (IMW). The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife IMW program is designed as a Before-After Control-Impact (BACI) study in order to determine whether and how habitat restoration activities influence abundance of salmon and steelhead.

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