In the spring of 2020 the Salmon Center welcomed a honeybee hive to its Farm at Water’s Edge. It is located behind the main office before the back fields, and just beyond the new pollinator garden. 

Why Honeybees?

The Salmon Center is a hub for learning about the environment, sustainable agriculture and our local ecosystems. We felt it was time to finally bring bees into the fold. Bees and other pollinators are critical to the survival of our planet and we hope to teach, share and celebrate this important relationship with others, as well as improve the health of our own local ecosystem here on the farm.

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Watch a Hive Check!

You are welcome to observe from a distance next to the pollinator garden (behind the main office, next to the native plant nursery). Once the check is complete feel free to stick around and ask our beekeepers questions.

Our AmeriCorps Sustainability Coordinators and Farm Caretaker perform regular hive checks to monitor the health and productivity of our bees. It’s important to check for diseases, pests and other issues or changes that may have found their way into our hive.

Next Hive Check:

TBD (our hive is being winterized)

Honeybee Education

Check back here for regularly added resources, classes and information related to honeybees, beekeeping and pollinators.