Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group

Music on the Estuary 2020

Let's dance, let's sing - it's a concert in quarantine!

A Digital Concert Fundraiser.

A time of crisis is a time to learn, to grow and evolve together with our community. That’s why Music on the Estuary is going online this year. 


June 12th – 14th

*All times are PST*
Friday 6:30-8pm
3000 miles
Friday 9-10:30pm
DJ Gustone
Saturday 5-6:15pm
Chris Eakes
Saturday 6:30-7:30pm
Steve and Cailey
Sunday 10:00-11:30am 
Rob Hill
Sunday 11:30am-12pm
Brittany Kingery
Sunday 12pm
Those Guys

How it Works

[the concert is live-streamed]

Watch Here

Don't have Facebook? We will be streaming the concert live, right here on our website.

Watch on Facebook


We will be streaming on our Facebook @the.salmoncenter

When you watch on Facebook you'll be able to talk online to the rest of the audience, musicians, and HCSEG team!

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