Mindful movement

The Salmon Center



June 12 - July 31

This class offers the space to get grounded and connect with your self and the earth through mindfulness, breath work and guided, explorative movement. Your guide will be Coco Odyssey, who is new to this area. Coco’s unique approach is influenced by her years as a movement teacher, body worker, gardener, herbalist and mother.
“We will utilize a somatic approach to movement, thus we can attune to our internal experience of being embodied. We will draw from and honor the wisdom traditions of yoga & qi gong, and engage our senses with curiosity as we make time for free exploration.”
“In our increasingly isolated and stressed out society, we can preserve our wholeness through embodiment & nourishing connections; connection to our own soul, intimacy with the earth, and being in community with our kin. Practicing in a group field amplifies our own light, and togetherness is essential to maintaining thriving life-both in our individual nervous systems and within the vast ecosystem of all life.”
– Coco Odyssey
Learn more about Coco and her class style on her website: odysseyhealingarts.com



Gather near the gardens on the lawn outside the Salmon Center

*Bring a mat and water, and anything you want to be more comfortable, such as a pillow or blanket

Single Class Registration $15/class

June 26 / Class cancelled