“Hopeful Hood Canal” – Dance on the Journey

This mural on Roessel Road shows orcas and salmon in clean flowing waters moving forward to a brighter future.

Orcas seek salmon. We seek to save salmon. The realization that we are connected in a fluid flowing cycle of interwoven life stories helps us appreciate and value our environment. Every creature has its place and purpose.

Orcas command respect, excitement and awe. Salmon inspire equal reverence for their amazing journey and cycle of renewal. Both need our help, and in helping them, we help ourselves. We find our balance in coexistence with nature.

We find our balance in coexistence with nature.

Orcas and salmon need clear unpolluted waters.
So do we.

Orcas and salmon are connected to each other, and to our Hood Canal.
So are we.

Orcas and salmon continually strive forward to survive in spite of obstacles and challenges.
So must we.

Our goal is a future where salmon runs are plentiful and orca pods are thriving. This future depends on our work, decisions and action. We must stay hopeful and vigilant.

The two large salmon shapes are replicas from a cedar statue called “The Dance” carved by Al Adams, a founding board member of HCSEG. In spite of this year’s restrictions and challenges, we can still keep dancing forward, in gratitude, joy and purpose. Together we can make an impact to improve, and beautify where we live. We can improve our world, one paintbrush, one road, one stream, one salmon at a time.

Don LePere for helping with paint cost, pressure washing and support.
Thanks to HCSEG for the inspiration and positive feedback.
Special thanks to my painting crew of Goddaughters and siblings (The Tie Dye Pen Pal Painters), who are students from Sandhill, North Mason high school and North Mason middle school. It was pure joy to create a lasting legacy together in Belfair.
Francisca and sisters Sandra & Marcela
Susana and sisters Belinda and Micaela

J. Tejeda

Painting Info: The mural took over 50 hours of volunteer time and $153.00 in paint & supply cost.

And we’ve got our sign on Highway 3!

Never miss your turn to the Salmon Center again, and give easy directions to your friends and family who want to come and visit. Thanks to everyone who helped install the Salmon Center sign!