Duckabush estuary restoration

Duckabush estuary restoration

The Duckabush Estuary Restoration Project is an effort to improve the Duckabush estuary ecosystem, creating more viable habitat for salmon, shellfish, waterfowl and more. This project may also benefit the local community by reducing severe flooding events that occur at the mouth of the Duckabush river. To accomplish this, the road will be relocated upstream away from the estuary, allowing the river to recover its natural meander and historic floodplain. Citizen science projects have been conducted to monitor the habitat before project construction, as well as volunteer clean-up efforts to remove trash and debris from the Duckabush river and estuary. If you’re interested in receiving volunteer opportunities on the Duckabush, make sure to register as a volunteer here.

Goals for the Duckabush Estuary Project

Restore Salmon Habitat

Flood Risk Reduction

Improve ecosystem for shellfish and waterfowl

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To join our community of volunteers and be part of salmon recovery in the Hood Canal, register here for opportunities and updates.

This project is in partnership with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife