hcseg donations

hcseg donations

Thank you for supporting our work! Your support is greatly appreciated and goes towards restoring important salmon habitat, educating youth and adults and conducting important research. We have three main ways for you to support our work:

HCSEG Donation

Your contribution will support habitat restoration, education, research and sustainability efforts.

If you’d like to donate by check, please fill out this form.

Supplies/Equipment Donation

HCSEG is always in need of office supplies, tools and/or equipment for our work! We gladly accept items that are both used and new that you no longer need. 

Founder's Fund

Your contribution will support the mission of the Salmon Center and honor the visions of founders Dr. Al Adams, John Burgess, Peter Grimm and Jerry Manuel, who imagined a place of learning and research, aimed at recovering Hood Canal salmon. Donations in memory of Dan O’Neal may be given to this fund.