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GreenSTEM Blog

by Stephanie Williams

ABOUT: Discovery Alternative High School provides a flexible pathway for non-traditional learners to earn a high school diploma. We are proudly setting the pace for a sustainable future in our community by working as a committed, passionate, collaborative team. Our mission is about community, legacy and a sustainable environment. We hope our children’s children will benefit from our efforts. We are activists who believe in the African proverb: “When you pray, use your feet.”

Coho Release a Success!


We successfully released approximately 15k Coho into Karcher Creek, as newly “buttoned-up” fry. This means they have just completed absorbing their yolk sac–which is the perfect time to release them. A week later, the newly released fry were showing growth, which is evidence that they are finding enough food in the stream.

Coho Alevins (sac fry)


Our current large project is the Karcher Creek Restoration Project. The purpose of our project is to restore and maintain the health of Karcher Creek, one of the most polluted streams in Kitsap County. Our after-school C.T.E. (Carreer Technical Education) Environmental Science class, taught by Jerry Polley, maintains a small salmon hatchery near Karcher Creek. The Port Orchard Rotary Club has provided Coho (Oncorynchus Kisutch) and Chum (O. keta) eggs for incubation the last few years. Discovery students supply the labor and know how.

Egg Take!


Ashley is using volumetric displacement to determine the correct number of eggs per incubation tray.