Community Compost Project

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The Community Compost Project keeps food scraps out of the garbage and builds healthy soil for our neighbors. In landfills, materials aren’t able to thoroughly decompose. Imagine all those banana peels, apple cores, and potato skins buried under plastic and other waste – without oxygen and light, the microbes that eat up our food scraps can’t do their job. This is where composting comes in! By composting food waste, rather than tossing it in the garbage, we reduce the materials sitting in our already overflowing landfills. At the same time, we can create something useful: compost. This compost is nutrient-rich and ready to help replenish garden soil to grow more food.

Our Community Compost is located at the Salmon Center’s Farm at Water’s Edge. Food waste from the community is mixed with other materials like leaves, wood chips, and straw to build a robust compost.

All are welcome to contribute food scraps! Those who drop off scraps will be invited to take home finished compost as it becomes available.

Want to Participate?

Sign up here to receive more information and learn how you can contribute your compost. Please do not bring compost without first signing up.

What You'll Need:

-Food Scraps
-A bucket or container to gather scraps at home and transport them to the Salmon Center

What can you bring to the Community Compost?

-Most Fruit and Vegetable Scraps
-Coffee grounds

Please do not bring:

-Human or animal waste
-Paper with colored ink
-Citrus peels
-Avocado peels and pits

Questions? Please email