Big Quilcene River: the Lower 1 mile

We are taking a holistic, community-up approach when it comes to habitat restoration on the Big Quilcene River. We are still in the planning stages, but we are grateful for the Quilcene community partnerships we have already made. Together, we will not only restore vital salmon habitat, but create more public space for recreation, reduce flood risk, and show local youth pathways to a career in natural resources and other related fields.

Six Goals for the Lower 1 Mile Project

Restore Salmon Habitat


Recreational Access

Compatibility with Shellfish

Flood Risk Reduction/ Improve Water Quality

Economic Enhancement

Moon Valley

Property acquisition on the Quilcene Lower 1 Mile

The Moon Valley property acquisition is a large and crucial step in restoring the Big Quilcene River. Concerned about the conditions of the river and diminishing salmon returns, the long-time property owners contacted HCSEG so that we could work together to restore this critical salmon habitat. The property will be cleared and excavated to allow the river to reclaim its natural flow and reduce sediment accumulation, and plans are being developed for adding large woody debris to encourage healthy salmon habitat. Once habitat restoration efforts are completed this area will be open to the public for recreation.