we're some fishy folks

Meet our dedicated team! We work hard every day to restore and protect Pacific Northwest salmon and steelhead populations and habitat in the Hood Canal region of Washington State.

Mendy Harlow

Executive Director

Mendy Harlow moved to Mason County in 2003 from Tucson, Arizona where she received her Bachelor of Science in Wildlife, Watershed and Rangeland Resources from the University of Arizona. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, she returned to pursue her passion for connecting people with the natural world around them. In her first year with the Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group (HCSEG), Mendy was the Team Leader for the Group’s AmeriCorps team which was an opportunity for her to engage in community projects and citizen science activities while truly falling in love with the flora and fauna of the Hood Canal watershed and its people. The majority of Mendy’s time with HCSEG has been focused on managing small and large scale habitat restoration projects throughout Hood Canal. She has served as the group’s executive director since 2013. In her spare time, Mendy enjoys gardening, yoga, mountaineering, running, rock climbing and backpacking with her partner Brandon, daughter Allie and their two llamas.  She serves in the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs of North Mason, the North Mason Scholarship Foundation and is a Mason County 4-H leader and Master Gardener. Mendy is grateful for the amazing community she works in and the brilliant HCSEG staff and Board of Directors who work with her to save Hood Canal, one wild salmon at a time.

mendy@pnwsalmoncenter.org 360.275.3575 ext. 123​

Clayton David

Salmon & Steelhead Biologist

Clayton joined the Salmon Center in April 2014.  Being an avid outdoorsman and fisherman, Clayton is dedicated to helping recover and protect the native salmon and steelhead runs in Hood Canal.  His primary projects include the Hood Canal Steelhead Project, Union River Summer Chum Project, and monitoring the Union River Estuary Restoration.  His other responsibilities consist of managing college interns, who assist with data collection, and coordinating efforts with other project entities, such as NOAA Fisheries and WDFW.  Clayton graduated with his BA of Environmental Science from Western Washington University’s Huxley College of the Environment in 2013.

clayton@pnwsalmoncenter.org 360.275.3575 ext. 125​

Christina Mayfield

Office & Grants Assistant

Christina joined the Salmon Center’s staff as our Office and Grants Assistant in January of 2022 after being our Sustainable Farm intern in 2015, and a long-time volunteer. She brings with her several years of experience in administrative support, team management, and nonprofit coordination. Born and raised in the PNW, Christina has a deep love for our local environment, specifically maidenhair ferns and all types of lichen. In her spare time, she can be found gardening, crocheting, cooking, reading, hanging out with her husband and cats, spending time with friends at community events, at her local yoga studio, and traveling far and wide.

360.275.3575 ext. 103

Gus Johnson

Habitat Program Director

Gus joined the Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group as a Project Field Coordinator in April 2019. When Gus graduated with a BS in Environmental Science from Western Washington University’s Huxley College of the Environment, he decided to go explore the Wild West and study fish, plants, and wildlife as he went. After spending years working in Utah, Alaska, Oregon, and Idaho, Gus is happy to finally be back home- working to restore salmon habitat in his favorite place. Outside of work you might see him out on a beach trying to photograph the sunrise/sunset, or up in the mountains either snowboarding or philosophizing about his love/hate relationship with pillow basalt.

(Gus is a remote staff member - email is the best way to reach him!)

Alexandra Ehrich

Communications Manager

Alexandra joined the Salmon Center in October 2018 as the Communications Manager. She recieved her BA in Graphic Design from Central Washington University in 2013. Since then Alexandra has searched for ways to use her experience in the arts to serve the environment. She hopes to use her skills to tell the story of The Salmon Center, the pacific northwest, sustainable living and environmental stewardship. Alexandra grew up on the Olympic Peninsula and loves becoming even more familiar with its trails, mushrooms and waterways. She’s an avid backpacker who also enjoys climbing, surfing, fishing and painting.

360.275.3575 ext. 112 (Alexandra is a remote staff member, email is the best way to reach her!)

Andy Hokit

Water Quality and Shellfish Project Manager

Andy is a Washington local, growing up in Kent (lettuce capital of the world). He received his BS in Resource Conservation at the University of Montana and shortly after moved to the Olympic peninsula. Andy proceeded to work for 8 years on various monitoring projects in Washington state; he’s sieved macroinvertebrates on the outer coast, mapped streams in the Columbia Mountains, snorkeled frozen rivers for Chinook, and banded owls in old-growth forests. Andy now lives in Sequim, and in his free time he likes to play music, surf, harvest wild food and go camping with his friends.


Kim Gower

Project Administrator

Kim is responsible for general business operations and the day-to-day functions of the organization.  Among her duties, Kim assists in grant and program administration and other administrative support. In addition, she researches projects and grants, and provides support for volunteer and education activities.

360.275.3575 ext. 111

Joanne Tejeda

Design & Marketing Associate

Joanne joined The Salmon Center in August 2015 as Newsletter Editor and assists with design and layout of posters, signage, artwork and printing for special events. She brings 10 years experience in the printing industry, bi-lingual skills from working with the Hispanic community, and holds a Desktop Diploma from Art Institute of Seattle and a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Wayne State University in Detroit. She enjoys trilliums, window painting, logo design & liturgical clipart, fiddling on her violin and bicycling to work.

360.275.3575 ext. 110

Heather Hamilton

Farm Manager

Heather first came to HCSEG as an AmeriCorps member in 2018, and served as a Sustainability Coordinator for two years. In August 2020 she joined the staff as Farm Caretaker. Heather is a graduate of Whitman College and holds a BA in Environmental Humanities with a Creative Writing minor. When she’s not on the farm or happily researching agricultural practices, she’s in, on, or around water; writing; or dancing and developing choreography. She is particularly interested in producing art that illuminates environmental joys and crises by exploring the relationship between humans and the environment, bringing her experiences at the Salmon Center and as a lifetime PNW dweller into her work.

360.275.3575 ext. 114

Dana Delhaute

Finance Manager

Dana is responsible for overseeing financial operations, including financial reporting. She brings many years of experience with QuickBooks, managing and running multiple industries payrolls, financial reporting, and helping to meet various accounting needs. Her favorite place to be is exploring the beaches, the waters and the woods of the Pacific Northwest where she grew up.

360.275.3575 ext. 116

Adrian Nevarez

AmeriCorps Environmental Educator

Hello! My name is Adrian and I am the 2021-22 Educational Coordinator AmeriCorps worker. Originally, I have lived in California my whole life, so this is my first time ever moving out of state in a completely new environment. Before leaving, I graduated with a BS in Marine Biology at University of California, Santa Cruz and worked 2 jobs, Natural Reserves Field Assistant at Younger Lagoon Reserve and retail. While working at a reserve I have learned so much about native/invasive plant species interactions, plant taxonomy, transplanting, beach monitoring procedures and so much more! On top of that, I am a passionate person for performing stewardship tasks and is very influential when getting out in the field and putting a smile on everyone’s face. When I am not at the Salmon Center, I like to work out while listening to podcasts, tweak around with my computer that I built, explore the city, and learn more about sharks! P.S. My favorite type of shark is the Thresher Shark!


360.275.3575 ext. 131

Whitney McDaniel

Education & Outreach Coordinator

Whitney joined the Salmon Center in October 2021 as the new Education and Outreach Coordinator. She received her BS in Insect Science and Forensic Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she spent her time working in a bee research lab and engaging the community in pollinator conservation efforts. After graduating, Whitney traded the Midwest’s prairies for Washington’s temperate forests to pursue a career in environmental education and deepen her knowledge of the natural world. She served two AmeriCorps terms at Mason Conservation District from 2019-2021, which fostered her love for the South Puget Sound Region and its people. She enjoys crocheting, exploring new trails, and stopping to observe any insects or critters that cross her path.

360.275.3575 ext. 119

Alex Van Grunsven

Sustainability Coordinator/AmeriCorps

Alex is the 2021-2022 AmeriCorps Sustainability Coordinator for the HCSEG. She originally grew up in Wisconsin where her love for animals, gardening and ice cream began. After graduating from the University of Oregon with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science and a minor in Food Studies, she moved up to Washington to gain a better working knowledge of nonprofit work, organic agriculture and environmental education. Her passions revolve around improving community health and wellbeing through sustainable food systems and food justice. When not at the Salmon Center, she loves to explore different hiking spots around the area and attempts to bake sourdough bread and other baked goods. Alex is ecstatic to join the HCSEG and Washington community and is looking forward to a year filled with meeting new faces.

360.275.3575 ext. 131

Isaiah Riddle

Maintenance Specialist

Isaiah joined HCSEG in December of 2021 as the Maintenance specialist, primarily working on building, vehicle and grounds maintenance. He has a background in mechanics, landscaping and working in the lumber industry. He enjoys playing the piano, taking care of his dogs, chickens and gardens at home as well as camping, hiking, fishing and exploring the forest of the PNW in his spare time. He has strong beliefs in the importance of environmental restoration, habitat sustainability, wildlife conservation and permaculture.

360.275.3575 ext. 115

Sabrina Wilk

Stewardship Coordinator

Sabrina joined HCSEG as Stewardship Coordinator in April of 2022 after being the WCC supervisor for the HCSEG/Tahuya DNR crew. She is a graduate of Pomona College with a BA in Environmental Analysis. After writing her thesis on southern resident killer whales, Sabrina decided to learn how the world of salmon recovery works in Washington, where she grew up. Her two terms in the WCC taught her the ropes of riparian stewardship and habitat restoration. When she’s not out by a river or in the office, Sabrina can be found hiking, reading, listening to tree podcasts, and cooking, but most often playing soccer.

360.275.3575 ext. 124

Emmett Bryz-Gornia

StreamTeam Intern

Emmett is serving his second summer on our StreamTeam Internship. He is responsible for conducting avian, aquatic habitat, and vegetation surveys. This year he will also be piloting the “Climate Resilience Internship,” partnering with DNR and the Skokomish Tribe. Emmett graduated from North Mason High School in 2021 and is currently attending Washington State University, studying Environmental/ Natural Resource Economics. Emmett was “Timber the Axe Man” on the 2021 Mason County Forest Festival Royalty Court (working with his good friend, Smokey the Bear). He is also best friends with our mascot, Big Redd. Emmett has been coming to the Salmon Center since he was a little kid. His now boss, Clayton, was the one who taught him how to fly fish at an HCSEG education event. Emmett thanks his stars that he gets to work here and impact local kids. “It would be super cool if the cycle continued, and now I’m teaching future Streamteam or Climate Resilience interns.”


Vin Verba-Mauer

Project Manager

Vin joined the Salmon Center as a Project Manager in early 2022 after volunteering on the Summer Chum traps along the Union River in 2021-2022. Originally from Ohio, Vin and his wife Rosie ventured out to the Pacific Northwest after being inspired by the majestic nature of the 90s series Twin Peaks. After arriving in Washington state, his love (and concern) for the natural world grew. This prompted him to return to school where he received his B.S. in Environmental Science & Resource Management with a Minor in Quantitative Science from the University of Washington. He also enjoys writing music, backpacking, kayaking, running, science fiction, philosophy, evolution, and spending time with his wife Rosie and daughter Sofia.

360.275.3575 ext. 118