A Salmon in their Class

An AmeriCorps Story of Service

By Brett Larson

In the second quarter; of my second term, I’d thought I’d write a poem so all the world could learn. I’ve taught much about salmon, presented near and far, talked species and life stages, egg, alevin, fry and parr. I hope the kids remember; the pledges they have made. I know that I have tried my best, with the foundations I have laid. In the end, I can’t take full credit, others helped me on this path, fellow Americorps besides me, our Ed coordinator thinking fast. But there’s one last group to thank, they give the lesson mass, I’ll focus on just one of them…

A Salmon in their Class

One among two hundred
Their parents long since passed,
Spread out upon the gravel.
Cold water, held by glass.

The children gather round the tank.
They spot his big black eye.
He shakes, to their amazement
Soon will bid his egg goodbye!

He then becomes an Alevin.
His yolk salk keeps him fed.
Hiding down amongst the pebbles.
The covers to his bed.

His lunch box will then empty.
Buttoned up, and swimming now.
This Fry needs no ketchup.
Or burger made of cow.

The students will watch over him.
Keep his habitat cool and clean.
But Release Day is arriving.
A new home in the stream!

After one last car ride,
and a brief stint in a cup.
A child at last will name him,
After watching him grow-up

As swims down the river.
He knows his cherished job.
To smell his way, back home one day.
This salmon, christened Bob.